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A New Look to Reflect Our Customers’ Sophisticated Style

At Bosgraaf Homes, we believe that looks mean a lot. A home’s appearance is often the first reason many people fall in love. Whether it’s the wide front porch that welcomes them to sit and relax a while, or the gorgeous, sleek kitchen that’s just begging to have friends and family around, the look of a home is what draws you in. 


That’s why we decided to refresh the look of our own brand, Bosgraaf Homes. Now, when you browse our website, see our signage, or experience our model homes, our colors and images better reflect the unique feel of our homes and the sophisticated style our customers. 


Here are a few of the changes we incorporated:


Earthy Brown and Greens: to highlight our sustainable building practices and energy-efficient homes



A Deepened Shade of Blue: to reflect a more stylish and sophisticated feeling



If Our Brand Were a Scent: it would be eucalyptus — clean, purifying, slightly sweet, deeply healing



If Our Brand Were a Feeling: it would be relaxed, satisfied, and open to new possibilities. Imagine how you feel when you’ve just finished yoga, or hiked along a pristine lake on a sunny day. Perhaps you’ve just finished outdoor brunch on a beautiful Sunday and you’re taking the last few refreshing sips of rosemary/thyme lemonade. You feel complete, and ready for whatever the day brings.



An Editorial Look: to evoke the discerning taste of you, our customers, and to reflect the detail and sophistication of our home designs



Garamond Font: an elegant font that evokes a beautiful handwriting that is unique, personal, and eager to tell your story. As is Bosgraaf Homes. 


Above all else, this gorgeous brand refresh represents you, our exceptional customers, and we’d like to invite you to experience it first-hand! Please join us for a personalized presentation of our homes at any of our new communities throughout Western Michigan. We can’t wait to meet you. 

2019 - Parade of Homes Lifestyle Award ($400,000-$500,000)
2019 - Parade of Homes Best Curb Appeal ($400,000-$500,000)
2019 - Parade of Homes Best Owner’s Suite ($400,000-$500,000)
2019 - Parade of Homes Peoples Choice Award ($300,000-$400,000)