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Bosgraaf Homes Warranty Service

Congratulations on your beautiful new home! We hope you and your family enjoy your home for many years to come. As with any new home, occasionally warranty items do arise after the construction of the new home is complete. Here are some gentle reminders to keep in mind: The warranty on your home is for one year from the date that you closed on your home. Warranty coverage is outlined in the Residential Construction Performance Guidelines booklet. We do recommend that you let your home go through at least two seasons before submitting a warranty service request because you will see that several items you may have noted, will correct themselves during the curing process.

Click here to submit a warranty request. Please only submit one request at a time through the portal.


RCPG items Any items per one-year RCPG guidelines are covered by our warranty (cannot be homeowner maintenance items) please see the booklet you received at your homeowner's orientation or the one attached to this page.

Drywall Repair One-year drywall repair for any natural nail pops or cracks, and paint touch-up following these repairs.


Cabinet & Interior Door Adjustments Cabinet and interior door adjustments are not covered by warranty as it is basic homeowner maintenance.

Paint Touch Ups Any paint touch-ups that are not related to drywall repair are not covered by warranty, as this is basic homeowner maintenance.

Homeowner Damage Any damage caused by the homeowner, guests, or other repair maintenance technicians

Countertop Caulking and Touch Ups Countertop caulking and touch-ups are not covered by warranty service as it is basic homeowner maintenance.

New Home Delivery & Closing Process

NEW HOME DELIVERY: We will re-key the locks on your home so that the keys are now unique to you and those keys will be handed to you upon delivery, or we will make arrangements to leave them in a lockbox if you are not available during “re-key”. You may now move all of your items into your beautiful, brand new Bosgraaf Home at this time. Please understand that for your own protection and the safe keeping of your belongings, no personal items can be moved in before final inspection and orientation.

ONE YEAR WARRANTY SERVICE: We provide a one year labor and material warranty, based on current residential construction performance guidelines, that are provided to you at your homeowner orientation. This information provides corrective action for any warranty covered defects outlined in writing during the first year.

What should I do if I have total loss of heat?
First, make sure that your community and area have power and it's not a complete power outage. Then check the troubleshooting guide or furnace manual for instruction. Finally, contact the emergency service provider located in your homeowner orientation handbook.
I have no hot water! What do I do?
Generally, this is because the GFI on your hot water heater outlet is tripped. Try resetting your hot water heater and make sure it is plugged into the wall and give it a go!
My windows are sweating, what do I do?
Don't panic! This is not an indication that your windows are failing. Moisture on the glass is condensation and can be easily rectified. Make sure to check your humidifier as condensation on windows is a sign of too much moisture in the home. Please see this helpful tutorial https://www.jeld-wen.com/en-us/how-to-videos/understanding-window-condensation
What should I do if my cabinet doors are crooked?
There is always some amount of curing of material as they're natural wood! You may need to adjust them from time to time with normal use, please refer to https://www.homecrestcabinetry.com for a tutorial.
What to do if your home is "drying out too quickly", and how to control humidity?
In this situation, it is best to make sure your home humidifier is working properly and set appropriately for the season. As the season's humidity shifts, so will your homes! It's important to note this as your regular homeowner maintenance.
What should I do if my lawn washes out or is patchy?
Your lawn is likely going to take more than one season to come in fully, start by checking irrigation coverage and timing as the fertilization program is critical. We recommend hiring a professional to help maintain your lawn for the first two seasons in your home in order to ensure proper care and maintenance.
Residential consumer
performance report

Please view our RCPG guidelines before submitting a request!


Please only submit one item request at a time through the portal. Once your request has been submitted, a ticket is created for the issue, and our team will schedule the necessary vendors. We will reach out to you with scheduling concerns. Thank you!