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It Pays to
Act Now!

Bosgraaf Homes will make your payment for 6 months on offers accepted by the end of the year on a qualified home! Don't miss this great opportunity -- contact us TODAY! (Some restrictions apply)

Time is
Running Out!

Only SIX sites remain in the coveted Kelly Ridge neighborhood in Holland, MI. Don't wait - contact us today to learn more!

Run a Very
Tight Ship

It's the impressive list of added features and technology, joined with our building expertise, that elevates each Bosgraaf home to a truly advanced living that's dialed in to the way you and your family live.

High Performance

Most Bosgraaf High Performance Homes score very well on the widely used “HERS” Index, which measures a home’s energy use, so the lower the score the better. While most homes score at or above 100, most Bosgraaf homes score in the 50 to 60 range.

Homing In on

For three generations, the Bosgraaf Family and Bosgraaf Companies have worked to fundamentally rethink the home: how it’s planned, how it’s built, and how builder and homeowner—as well as builder and supplier—communicate.

Bosgraaf offers all kinds of home developments and land upon which you can build your dream Bosgraaf high performance home. But, if you already own a building site, or plan to purchase your own, we’ll bring our exclusive “Consider it Handled” construction process to any home building site in West Michigan.