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Fall Homeowner Checklist

While it still FEELS like summer, fall is right around the corner and we want to make sure that your home is ready for the changing seasons!

Don’t forget about your “TO DO” list each fall:

In order to make sure that your car runs properly, you take it in for a tune up, use the proper gas, use the proper oil and drive it carefully…especially when it is new. Sound about right?


Your home wants the same kind of love and care, so here a couple of quick reminders:


  • Don’t Forget: To feed your lawn! They say that the fall fertilizer may be the single most important “meal” to ensure a healthy root structure to your lawn.
  • Don’t Forget: To lubricate your doors, windows and your Overhead Garage Door track. This is the time of year that it really needs the extra lubrication to smooth out operation.  We recommend a clear silicone spray lubricant.
  • Don’t Forget: To call that HVAC company and have a professional tune up your furnace BEFORE it gets cold.This is hands down the best way to prolong the life of your entire heating system.
  • Don’t Forget: Change your furnace filter frequently to increase air flow, function and air quality.
  • Don’t Forget: To turn on your Humidifier(include that in your HVAC tune up as well). Remember to follow the chart on your humidifier manual (also available at www.honeywell.com) and dial down your humidistat to help limit condensation (sweaty windows) on those really cold days.
  • Don’t Forget: To paint and caulk that exterior trim as needed. If you can really see through to caulk spots on painted exterior trim, then you are past due on repainting.  Don’t delay any further!  Re-caulk the top edges, side edges and nail holes of the trim thoroughly, then add a couple of coats of paint and it will better handle all that “mother nature” has to throw your way.
  • Don’t Forget: To put plow stakes out so that the snow plows don’t take out chunks of your landscaping and concrete when the snow flies.
  • Don’t Forget: To hand tighten those valves on your PVC pipes below your sinks.
  • Don’t Forget: To check and replace batteries in your smoke detectors.
  • Don’t Forget: To slow down and enjoy the fall colors and all of the amazing things that Michigan has to offer this time of the year!


Have a great Fall!


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