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Millennial Homeownership

Millennials, known for their ability to craft creative social content in a matter of minutes and their uncanny knack for online self-expression, are now — having thoroughly exhausted the thrill of the unknown — gravitating towards stability in the form of homeownership.


According to, in November 2018, Millennials surpassed Generation X as the largest generation responsible for the most new mortgages. Since then, the Millennial mortgage rate has continued to increase in numbers, making up 45% of all new mortgages in contrast to 36% Generation X and 17% Baby Boomers.


In general, Millennials have the earning power to simply skip Generation X “starter homes” and build the home of their dreams. With the 25 to 34 year old age group earning medium of $63,000 a year, Millennials are able to build or purchase without having to compromise.


When it comes to life milestones, Millennials aren’t necessarily waiting to meet the right person, get married, purchase a home, and have children (in that order). On the contrary, many Millennials have skipped milestone #2 and traded marriage in for mortgage payments. According to a Marriage and Homebuying Study conducted by Coldwell Banker, a quarter of American Millennials purchased their first home with their significant other before getting hitched — a stark comparison between more traditional generations.


Indeed, rather than paying rent on temporary living conditions, Millennials are drawn to building equity in a place they can call home.

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NOTE:’s report is based on an analysis of a sample of residential mortgage originations from Optimal Blue.

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