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OYL Testimony

For generations, Bosgraaf Homes has been helping people build their dream home, whether that’s in one of our communities, or through our seamless On Your Lot program. 


Our On Your Lot Program was designed to allow our clients the freedom to build wherever they want and know they will have the Bosgraaf Team right there with them, ready to work hard and turn their dreams into reality. This seamless process has helped hundreds of families find their perfect spot, but don’t take it from us, take it from the honest people whom we’ve helped, like Kim R and her family. 


Kim R & Family OYL Testimony


Why did you choose Bosgraaf Homes?


“We went online and found the Bosgraaf website and we really liked the different plans. It was about a year ago where we were really ready to start to do something so we contacted Bosgraaf. Everybody at Bosgraaf was always just so nice to us and very accommodating so we decided to work with you guys.”


Through the process, what was your favorite stage of the process or something you enjoyed about the experience?


“First, when we sat down with Terri and Chip and picked out everything that was a lot of fun for me. It was really neat that even teeny tiny details we got to pick out, and so our house is truly ours. And two it was fun because we lived in Grandville at the time, which wasn’t far away so we would come to check it out and it was fun for us to watch the hole being dug, the framing going in… it was just really fun to watch the process”


 What’s something you thought the Bosgraaf team did well through this process?


“I would say communication and attention to detail. Everything was exactly what we asked for so that was good communication on everyone’s part of making sure we got exactly what we had put down for” 


Any last remarks about the process about the company, the process, or your home? 


“My husband and I, we say every day to each other how much we love our house. We didn’t build the most expensive house and I think that’s also what drew us to you guys because even though we didn’t build a 600-700 thousand dollar house, everybody there still treated us like we were a priority. I really appreciated that. Everybody there was really helpful and really nice, good, family-oriented people. I give you all the highest recommendation, If we were to build a house again, I mean I don’t want to because I love my house, but I would work with you guys again for sure.”


2019 - Parade of Homes Lifestyle Award ($400,000-$500,000)
2019 - Parade of Homes Best Curb Appeal ($400,000-$500,000)
2019 - Parade of Homes Best Owner’s Suite ($400,000-$500,000)
2019 - Parade of Homes Peoples Choice Award ($300,000-$400,000)