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The Three Building Phases of Our New Construction Homes

Building a new construction home is an exciting and rewarding time, especially when you understand the process. Here at Bosgraaf Homes, we want you to be involved, from start to finish. To help you anticipate what to expect during your home’s evolution, we have outlined a new construction home timeline for you and Bosgraaf Homes. 


How Long Does It Take To Build A New Construction House?


Deciding to build a home from scratch is a protracted process in itself. But once you decide to build a new construction home, that’s only the first step in the process. Unlike with an existing home, the process for completing a new construction house requires a longer wait. You have to factor in additional time for designing your house and finalizing all of the details, as well as time for the home itself to be built. So how long does it all take?


In an ideal world, it would usually take three to six months to build a house. However, given ongoing supply chain issues and labor shortages, adding a few more months to the timeline is more realistic. The U.S. Census Bureau’s most recent 2021 data from the Survey of Construction estimates 7.6 months as the approximate start to finish timeline.

Construction can also be delayed by shifts in temperature or too much precipitation. The human factor (i.e. YOU!) can also cause delays. If you don’t make your finish selections in a timely manner or you change them at some point during construction, that also adds time to the process. 


Before construction begins, you will need to choose a financing option, choose a floor plan, make your feature and finish selections, and finalize everything in a pre-construction meeting. After a thorough review of your details by our team, we will begin applying for permits, and notify vendors and suppliers of your new home start to ensure on-schedule delivery of materials and locked-in value. 


How Our New Construction Homes in Michigan Are Built


We know that the process of building a new home may seem complex. That is why we’ve created this road map – our quick, easy guide is designed to take the uncertainty out of the process!


Building Phase I: Establishing the Foundation

Time to start building! There’s nothing quite like the thrill of knowing that your new home is getting closer to completion every day. 

  • Footings 
  • Poured Wall 
  • Backfill 
  • Framing 
  • Roofing 
  • Siding
  • Mechanicals 
  • Plumbing 
  • Electrical 
  • HVAC

Building Phase II: Filling in the Blanks

Once the drywall is installed, you’ll start to get a much better feel for your new living spaces. (Walls and ceilings will do that, every time!) 

  • Rough Building Inspections 
  • Insulation 
  • Drywall
  • Interior Trim 1: cabinets, base, casing, fireplace details, built-ins, etc. 
  • Interior Paint


Building Phase III: Cosmetic Touches & Completions 

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to be giddy with excitement as the trim, countertops, cabinets, tile, and fixtures are installed. We get it… we love them, too! 

  • Countertop installation
  • Hard surface flooring & tile installation 
  • Finish plumbing 
  • Finish electrical
  • Carpet installation
  • Interior Trim 2: shoe molding, doors, hardware 
  • Finish HVAC

Then, the FINAL STEPS! Our team goes through an 8-page inspection of your home to inspect for quality, function, and alignment of all materials and components.  A third party blower door test is performed to confirm high performance and energy efficiency.


  • Finish Clean: A thorough, professional cleaning of all windows, interior surfaces, vent openings, window tracks, and more
  • Adjustments & Touch-ups: All trades return as needed to complete work, and adjust materials and touch up as needed
  • Team Walk: The management, construction, and warranty teams inspect your home to ensure we have achieved our standard of construction


Once we’re satisfied that everything is up to standards, you’ll have your homeowner orientation. During this meeting, your site supervisor and sales representative will walk you through your new home and show you how everything works, while providing maintenance tips, and warranty and utility transfer information. Then, after a bit more paperwork, and assuming your bank is on board, it’s closing time! 

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There are definite advantages to building new construction homes, but the choice may not be right for everyone. Consider your goals and limitations honestly to determine if it’s the right path for you.

Have we piqued your interest in building new? To learn more about new construction homes in Michigan or to get started on your own new construction homes, connect with us today. We can’t wait to work with you and show you the Bosgraaf difference!

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