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Things To Do In West Michigan This Summer

Why is Western Michigan such a great place to live? What are some things to do in West Michigan? Why Western Michigan as opposed to other parts of the state?


The truth is that there are quite a few attractions and pastimes to paruse there, and several different types as well. We’ll discuss some of these attractions in this article.


1. Play in the Water


Michigan is known for many things, and one of them is its lakes. According to the state’s official website, Michigan is home to over 11,000 lakes


With so much water around, it’s not surprising that some of Michigan’s most popular hobbies include fishing, boating, and other water-based activities. Don’t worry if you don’t have the gear to sail on Michigan’s beautiful lakes, because there are plenty of ships that will take you on miniature cruises.


Perhaps you’re more into learning about boats than riding in one. In that case, we recommend the Michigan Maritime Museum.


2. Appreciate Nature and Animals


Michigan is far more than just what’s on the water. Among its land-based natural wonders are plenty of public parks, state parks, and hiking trails where you can experience nature up close.


This is especially true for a few parks in particular, which are actually wildlife preserves that are home to zebras, giraffes, and other exotic animals. There’s also Binder Park Zoo, which houses a wide selection of animals, including several critically endangered species. So if you love animals and want to learn about them and help them at the same time, Western Michigan might be the place for you.


3. Have a Drink


For the adults in the family, Michigan has plenty of summer activities involving alcohol. Wine aficionados may appreciate a Grand Traverse Bike tour, which will take you to no less than seven wineries near a hiking trail.


If beer is more your thing, might we suggest the Pub Cruiser in Grand Rapids? It’s a mobile bar on a bicycle that can accommodate several passengers and is completely eco-friendly.


Those who have truly fallen in love with Michigan and wish they had more to do than take summer trips or spend their weekends, they’re in luck. You can move here, and we’ll help you do it in six easy steps.


Things to do in West Michigan


If you’re planning on visiting the Great Lakes State this summer and are looking for things to do in West Michigan, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve talked about a few of the many joys Western Michigan has to offer in this article.


However, West Michigan has a lot more to offer than what we’ve discussed here. If you want to know more about Michigan, especially the Michigan real estate market, please visit our site. Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions that you can’t find the answers to.

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